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 Now offering Driving Test Success Program where I will take you teen or Adults on an actual driving test to ensure they will be able to pass their driving test! Can teach you how to parallel park and guide you how to pass driving tests. This program has no time period on it because everyone learns different.

You pay 75 dollars for the following:

  • How to parallel park

  • Drive you around and give you pointers on how to pass driving test.

  • Some cases I can show you the route you will be taken.

  •  Schedule you a road test if needed. 

30 dollars to teach parallel parking ONLY!

 Ms. Angela will sit down with you and assist you in scheduling your test at any DPS Station.

Ya' Girl Ms. Angela will get you an appointment ASAP! Call 903-934-1073

We also offer scheduling road test at the DPS offices as well.

Give Ms. Angela a call or text for appts. 903-934-1073

Once appts. are paid and scheduled

There Are No Refunds! 

Driving Test Scheduler appts application

Tired of waiting months to get into the DPS for months well

Ms. Angela can schedule your driving test with DPS for you alot sooner.

How it works:

you fill out form below :

Ms. Angela will contact to you via call/text once she has an appt for you.

Ms. Angela will go on the DPS scheduler and search for you (this is what you are paying for) and scheduled for road test for you for

a non-refundable fee.

You will receive an email/text to confirm your appt by DPS and text from Ms. Angela

Its important that you take the required documents with you for your driving test @ DPS


Cell Number*

Date of birth*


Email Address

select options

Select an option

Best time to schedule your appt morning/afternoon/any time


You are paying for a service. I am looking on the DPS scheduler all the time looking when others cancel where you might not have time to keep checking daily

Ms. Angela can.

Just note once an appt is scheduled and you can not make the appt. please call Ms. Angela . She will be happy to assist you in rescheduling you one appt. at no additional charge.


Don't wait! Schedule your FREE consultation today.


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